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Key Stage 3

Homework is a vital part of learning as it allows students to develop independent learning habits and consolidate important skills.  Our English teachers will set students homework once a week which should take approximately twenty minutes to complete.


English teachers will give KS3 students a homework task booklet and a homework exercise book. The homework task booklet should always remain at home. The task booklet contains exercises which will help support learning and the exercises can be usefully repeated. Students should be directed  to complete an appropriate exercise from the booklet if homework is not set.  Students will bring their homework exercise book into school for their homework to be assessed.


In addition to the homework task booklet, students have also been provided with a reading list and a reading diary. The English Department would like to encourage students to develop a love of literature in its own right yet to also realise that, by reading for pleasure outside of the classroom, their reading and writing skills will improve tremendously. Students should bring to every English lesson the book they are currently reading and they will be expected to keep a record of their reading their reading diary.



Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and Year 11, students will be set two pieces of English homework a week and each piece of homework should take approximately no more than thirty minutes to complete.


A great deal of lesson time, particularly in Year 10, is devoted to controlled assessment which is subject to strict guidelines set by the examination board. One of the guidelines states that students cannot take home their controlled assessment and continue to work on it. However, prior to the controlled assessment, English teachers may set students research tasks or activities which require them to practice this skills they will need to demonstrate in the controlled assessment.


If students are studying GCSE English Literature, they will have to study the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ or ‘Of Mice and Men’. In addition they will study the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ and an anthology of poetry. These texts are all examination texts and students will be expected to re-read the texts independently at home to support class study and carry out practice examination essays on them.


To help support students with their independent reading they have been given a recommended reading list by their English teacher. We obviously wish students to read the texts for pleasure but they need to also be aware that by reading regularly, outside of the classroom, they are going to improve their critical reading and writing skills tremendously.




English Homework and Reading