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Award for Personal Effectiveness

Information This subject will be offered to selected pupils only.

The Award of Personal Effectiveness is a nationally recognized qualification, offered at Level 1 or 2. It can accredit many of the imaginative and diverse activities undertaken by learners, both inside and outside of school.

The purpose of AoPE is a substantial and wide-ranging qualification which aims to develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key and employability skills, broaden experiences and manage learning in a variety of real- life contexts.

To gain the qualification you must:

• Take responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out a number of activities or challenges

• Develop and provide evidence of working with others

• Improving own learning and performance and problem solving

• Develop and provide evidence of the skills of research, discussion and presentation

• Produce evidence of your achievements in a portfolio (file or folder)

The course consists of a range of different modules such as citizenship and the community, health and fitness, independent living which then each contain individual challenges. Alongside completing challenges a range of skills are evidenced • Introducing working with others • Introducing to improving own learning and Performance • Introduction to problem solving • Planning and carrying out a piece of research • Communication through discussion • Planning and giving an oral presentation


Assessment is based on a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your achievements and progress recorded. There are no external examinations. The portfolio will include: copies of work: reports: annotated photographs: witness statements: Portfolios will be internally moderated before being submitted to external moderating.

Alongside the course there will be integrated additional maths sessions and links with careers and guidance where appropriate.

Career Opportunities

The AoPE assessment units encourage the development of the skills required for progression to further education, training or employment in a wide number of areas.


Foundation & Vocational Learning