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Homework: Once per week


The aim of Geography during Year 7 is to introduce topics, building on ideas and concepts taught at Key Stage 2, developing them and providing a pathway to additional skills and knowledge which will be taught during Years 8 and 9. Upon induction, Year 7 students are introduced to the skill of map reading, looking at OS maps and developing prior knowledge of symbols, roads, locations and contours. Topics studied in greater depth include Weather and Climate and Travel and Transport. In Y8 pupils study Population, Tourism and conduct a detailed investigation into Kenya. Y9 begins with a field study investigation. The purpose of which is to provide a basis for which practical demonstrations and skills can be learnt. Students will be required to find out information prior to the day of the field study. Whilst on the field trip, they will be required to record observations and think of topics and ideas related to what they are doing. A thorough write-up of the field study is then completed. Later in the year they study China and new global super powers.


Year 7 and Year 8 Syllabus