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Homework: Twice per week


We study AQA Syllabus A Geography.

Topics studied: Physical Geography – Restless Earth, Ecosystems and Ice on the Land

Human Geography – Population, Changing Urban Environments and Tourism


The new GCSE Geography course focuses on the importance of geography for understanding the world and for stimulating an interest in places. It aims to inspire students to become global citizens by exploring their place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people and their environment. There are more traditional elements of geography combined with new and exciting approaches to the subject.




Assessment of the GCSE is based on two examinations (75%) and Local Fieldwork Investigation (25%).


Career Possibilities

Geography enables students to understand the world around them and is therefore useful to any career, for example: Sales Management, Journalism, Television, Law, Transport, Accountancy, Advertising and Marketing, as well as careers more specifically linked to Geography such as Environment Agency, Teaching, Cartography, Town Planning, Geology, Meteorology, Travel Agency, Water Boards and Landscaping.

GCSE Syllabus