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Number of Sessions Per Week: 1 x 50 minute session (Years 7, 8 and 9)


Homework: Once per fortnight


Students are taught in mixed ability groupings for Computer Science & ICT. They are taught in mixed groups during Years 7 and 8.

Throughout Year 7 and Year 8 students will be provided with a varied curriculum covering aspects of Computer Science and ICT related topics, in line with the National Curriculum 2014.


Key features of our Computer Science & ICT syllabus include:


Definitions of Information Communication Technology. Main parts of a computer system, input, output and storage devices. Practical skills in the use of network, mouse and basic keyboard familiarity


Basic Word processing rules and practical tasks involving creation, editing, spell check, centre alignment, margin changing, storage, recall and printing to text based documents.


Basic Microsoft PowerPoint presentations covering rules and practical tasks involving the creation and editing of slides. Text formatting, inserting sound and graphics. Slide transition and timings.


Basic Microsoft Publisher rules and practical tasks. Use of wizards, design format and inserting graphics.


Basic Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets rules and practical tasks. Table format and basic formula production.


Basic Flow Control programming rules and practical tasks.


Visual Programming software (Scratch, Kodu) using syntax and algorithms to create simple programs and games


Textual programming software (Python) – this will build upon students basic knowledge of syntax and algorithms and allow them to build their own programs from scratch whilst learning specific programming language and code.


Macromedia Flash – basic features of animations and techniques.


Homework may take the form of research, a write-up of work completed in lesson or collection and labelling of information for insertion into student’s folders. Some homework tasks require students to practice their application mouse and keyboard skills on a computer.


There is no requirement for students to have a computer to do Computer Science & ICT, nor will they require specialist software. If students are required to complete a computer based homework task, they will be given at least a week to do so and are more than welcome to use the suites at school during break, lunch or after school.


Students who have computers at home are encouraged to use them in a supportive way for any subject in school.

Year 7 and Year 8 Syllabus