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St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Number of Sessions Per Week: 2 x 50 minute sessions

Homework: Up to two tasks per week (one learning and one reading/writing/research).


Pupils learn both French and Spanish throughout Year 7 and Year 8. Pupils in Year 7 are currently taught in mixed ability groups.


The French syllabus is delivered using a range of resources from Clic, Equipe and i-languages. The Spanish syllabus is delivered using resources from Listos and i-languages. The delivery of both languages is enhanced by the inclusion of a range of authentic and interactive resources; including Task Magic and Linguascope.


The topics covered in each year are outlined below:


Year 7

Introductions & Alphabet, Numbers, Dates & Age, Classroom Language, Hobbies and Opinions, Animals & Colours, Personal Descriptions, Nationality, Places in Town, Family, Staying with a French or Spanish Family.


Year 8

Food, Countries, Traditions, Time & Daily Routine, School Subjects, Education System in France and Spain, Sports, Opinions & Future Plans, Weather, Pocket Money & Spending Habits, Helping at Home, Transport, Directions, Clothes, Staying with a French or Spanish Family.


Year 9

Celebrities, Describing a Past Event, Holidays, TV & Cinema, Talking about when you were young, Staying with a French Family, Comparing Popular Culture, Exchange Visits, School & Future Studies, Jobs & Ambitions, Comparing Technology, Predicting the Future.


Language skills will be developed in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing through a variety of different Teaching and Learning methods; interactive whiteboards, mini whiteboards, games, pair work, group work and role plays to name a few. Pupils are continuously assessed throughout the year and in their lessons they will gain experience in self and peer assessment throughout the course.


Pupils will be encouraged to independently enhance their language skills taking advantage of the department’s subscription to ‘Linguascope’.


Students will be provided with an exercise book (which they are encouraged to personalize with images and expressions from their country of study), a vocabulary book (which pupils will use to record any new expressions and vocabulary) and a test book (for weekly vocabulary tests). Many pupils purchase a Bilingual dictionary to further assist their learning and independence.


We have high expectations of our pupils and our aim is to provide a high quality, rewarding and enjoyable language learning experience for all pupils, so as to maximize their individual potential in language learning.

International Languages Syllabus