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Mrs Walsh

Teacher of Mathematics /Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Walsh from the Department of Mathematics found that her ‘O’ level French from secondary school and two years of extra language study at college went a long way!  She spent a year as an exchange student at Insa de Lyon doing Genie Mécanique/Construction during the third year of her Masters Degree.  She was sponsored by ICI during her degree course and, in return, worked in Rouen during the summer holidays.  On completing her degree course, Mrs Walsh was recruited by ‘Automobiles Peugeot’ and became Project Engineering Manager for the welding and assembly of Peugeot 406 engine compartments and was based in Sochaux, France.

Mrs Walsh’s advice to our Y9 students is “…choose a balance of options – it will unexpectedly open up your career prospects in the future”.


Mrs Lysycia

Teacher of French

Mrs Lysycia from the Department of MFL studied both French and Spanish at ‘O’ level and continued with her French studies through Sixth Form College and University, gaining a BEd in French.  Languages have been beneficial for Mrs Lysycia in both travel – on holiday in France, Spain, Austria and Germany – and in her work life – as a language assistant in a French school for 12 months and teaching English as a foreign language in France, Spain and Germany.

Mrs Lysycia says “It’s wonderful to be able to speak another language.  If you like to travel and are interested in working in another country, it is an enormous advantage if you speak the language – it can open so many doors to you and lead to many exciting opportunities”.


Mrs Weall

Teacher of English/Manager of Learning

Mrs Weall from the Department of English spent two years studying Japanese and was then able to teach in a school in Japan for two years.  She lived in a rural village and so her language skills were a huge help in her work and social life.

Mrs Weall’s advice is “Always give it a go, as there are so many opportunities out there.  Also having language skills can sometimes simply add to your prospects and opportunities in life”.


Mr McVey

Teacher of Science

When Mr McVey from the Department of Science was at school he studied languages in Y7 & Y8 and has since been able to use his language skills on holiday in both France & Spain.

Mr McVey’s advice is “you never know when you might need it and it opens up more opportunities to study or work abroad”.


Mrs Sweeney

Teacher of Textiles, Product Design and Art

Mrs Sweeney from the Department of Design and Technology studied Spanish & German at school and learned Italian when she lived and worked in Italy.

Mrs Sweeney says “Having more than one language under your belt opens up the world to you and makes it a much less scary place.  Although you might not necessarily be able to use Italian in France, for example, once you have asked ‘Parlez-vous anglais?’ and received a ‘Non’ response, you can then ask ‘Parla Italiano?  Even if the response is still ‘Non’ you have three languages to try to communicate and invariably you manage to find out what you need to know”.


Mrs Heyes

Examinations Officer

Mrs Heyes from our Department of Administration studied French here at St Joseph’s and got a grade A in her ‘O’ level.  Although she did not study the language beyond GCSE, she has been able to take advantage of her language skills.

Mrs Heyes says “Whilst working at Chorley Hospital we had a lady who had a stroke and reverted back to her original language – French.  I was the only one on the ward who could communicate with her”.


Mrs Mottram

Teacher of Food Technology

Mrs Mottram from our Department of Design and Technology has an ‘O level in French and has found many uses for her language skills since her school days.  For example, when on holiday and visiting family who live in France; in restaurants when the menu is in French; and when covering language lessons if a colleague is absent.

Mrs Mottram says “It is useful to be able to speak other languages apart from English, particularly if your future career could be based in another country”.

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