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We are God’s work of art, created in Christ Jesus for the good works which God has already designated to make up your way of life.” Ephesians 2:10

GCSE Art is a wide and varied curriculum, allowing students to pursue their own lines of investigation and self-directed study. The GCSE course covers Art, Craft and Design and Art Textiles. Each unit of work covers the assessment objectives linked to GCSE assessment. Students will study artists for research (A01) they will experiment with their ideas (A02) they will draw from observation and take photographs (A03) and they will present a personal final outcome (A04)

Art, Craft and Design provides opportunities for students to analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of other artists, developing an appreciation of Art, Craft and Design in the world around us. The subject allows students to experiment with diverse media and techniques from fine art, photography, textiles, three-dimensional and graphic design, to produce their own personal and individual responses to a theme. Every piece of work that students produce is worth marks.

Students experience Art through visits to galleries, virtual learning and studio practice. The Art, Craft and Design curriculum is designed to be challenging and appropriate to each students’ stage of development by re-visiting, embedding, extending so that students become proficient in all Art, Craft and Design disciplines. In both key stages there is a constant dialogue between teacher and students, through verbal, written (formative and summative) feedback/assessment enabling a clear view of progression.  An overview of the topics in the courses is shown below:

  • Architecture
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Choice Project
  • Final Exam Question

The Art, Craft and Design course is very independent. The students must take it upon themselves to spend quality time on their artwork and collect research where necessary. Class time does not provide enough hours to produce a high quality, personalised portfolio, therefore students must be willing to contribute to their learning either afterschool or at home. Homework: Often, homework is not specifically set in Art, Craft and Design at GCSE. All students work at different paces it is up to them to organise themselves and check that they are working on their own personalised targets. There are regular deadlines that students must meet and if they find that they cannot get the work done in class, then they should set themselves some extra time at home to get this work completed.

Through a variety of activities the Art team aims to help all our students reach their full potential. We encourage a sense of enquiry about the visual world we all live in, help students express themselves through art, craft and design and introduce students to the contribution that art, craft and design has made to the world. The subject offers opportunities for our students to develop their own creativity and produce something that is completely unique and personal.

Art, Craft and Design enriches students’ practical skills within the Art studio and provides pupils with an understanding of art, craft and design, the commitment and diligence of an artist/designer and the wide range of careers available beyond the classroom. Students undertaking Art, Craft and Design will build up a strong portfolio of work, valuable in an interview situation to display an individual’s skills and strengths.

Career Possibilities

Art, Craft and Design helps promote creative and practical skills, beneficial in many vocations. For example, directly linked careers include Architect, Advertising Executive, Ceramicist, Fashion Designer, Games Designer, Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Interior Designer, Photographer, Packaging Designer, Web Designer, Gallery Assistant and Make-Up Artist, whilst other creative industries include; Floristry, Hairdressing, Magazine/Newspaper Editor and Teaching.


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