St Joseph's R.C. High School
& Sports College

St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

We continuously aim to progress through the assessment for Eco-Schools and aim to enhance our understanding and that of the community with regards to environmental impact and how we can get involved as much as possible.


We have an Eco-Schools noticeboard in school, detailing the latest updates and information, as well as a section on our school website and articles in our community e-Bulletin;


An Eco-Code is displayed on the notice board and website;


Mr Davies has started energy saving measures by displaying notices around the school to encourage members of the school community to switch off electrical appliances and lights when they are not needed – cards are located next to every light switch around school, reminding users to save electricity;


Litter remains a major problem and hopefully when the new recycling measures are brought in this will help;


There are now recycling points for paper, cardboard, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and ink cartridges. One problem has been people putting the wrong type of waste in the containers. Hopefully if we get the new scheme from ‘Resike’ this will solve the problem. Meanwhile we continue to encourage people to recycle;


To cut down on wastage of water we have installed some cisterns with plastic containers that reduce the volume of flush. Water fountains are still an area we need to investigate, though we had two new installations in 2011;


The school has a travel plan that is available for viewing. Bike sheds are available and we recently had a local cycling club ‘Hot Wheels’ visit the school and provide a series of lessons as part of our community sport provision. Part of their remit was to encourage more use of cycles.  Mr Jackson, a member of our Cover Supervision team leads our Cycling Club that has been very popular with both students and parents;


The school gained ‘Healthy Schools Status’, ‘International Schools Status’, ‘Fairtrade Schools Status’ and is currently working towards becoming a Rights Respecting Schools status;


Our conservation area is constructed and regularly mainted.  Liseux Hall, a charitable trust in Chorley, has a gardening team that consists of members ‘working in the community’. The team worked on the area and is beginning to look less overgrown and more accessible for use by students;


Mr Townsend and his team have put benches down the side of the sports hall and Mr Davies has been working with the wildlife trust to develop the area between the Yates building and the Science block into a more developed area that will be used more by students (Tony Millar also offered the help of his landscaping team – particularly for any heavy work).

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