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St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Environmental Review

Please find below our environmental review executed by our action team as they carried out their audit.



More encouragement to reduce consumption of electricity by ‘switching off’ lights and other electrical appliances. Look at other means of saving energy, for example draught excluders.



Major Problem.  Hoping to encourage more recycling that will help with the problem. We must continue to encourage the use of waste bins. Use of posters and assemblies to reinforce the message.


Waste Minimization and Recycling

Recycling measures (paper/card/plastic bottles/aluminium cans) are in place. Possible link with local business to develop whole school recycling approach (Resike). Possible composting of kitchen waste.  Currently recycling inkjet cartridges, tonor cartridges and mobile phones with Recycle4Charity who give us money to help young people go to Lourdes as a helper with HCPT.



Use means to provide low volume flush where accessible. When taps are replaced – always use the push type. Water fountains – liaise with the school council.  Two new water fountains were installed in September 2011.



A school travel plan is available – it is accessible to all the community if requested via the school office. Although cycling is encouraged through sporting activities, the school is situated on a busy road and many students travel long distances to reach school so there are health and safety issues.


Healthy Living

Continue to work towards ‘Enhanced Healthy Schools’ status. Miss Rushton is working very hard on gaining this enhanced award to add to our already well-planned and evolved Healthy Living scheme incorporated with our PSHEE programme.



Develop the conservation area. Extend to include a seating area between the Yates building and the Science block.  Clear part of the conservation area that has become overgrown.  Encourage formation of habitats.  Our new garden located at the side of the Science block is maintained regularly.


School Grounds

We are developing ‘quiet areas’ for students to use away from the main school yard.  Benches (from recycled plastic), flower beds and grassed areas are to be used. We are looking to start growing vegetables soon too!


Global Perspective

Fairtrade – raise awareness in the school community – We have now been a Fairtrade School several years and were re-designated last year.  We have the ISA and global perspective is considered within the curriculum – we should encourage more ‘Eco’ related topics when possible.


Student Participation

Encourage student participation in the eco-school committee and eventually let the students run the meetings and review the action plan.