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International Policy

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The International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme which recognises curriculum-based international work.


The international dimension in education is an increasingly important part of agendas such as Every Child Matters and Community Cohesion; it supports the cultural heritage of teachers, learners and communities leading to positive learning across schools.


Our curriculum will reflect our commitment to develop awareness and understanding of the cultures, geography and environment, character and concerns, languages, regions and economic circumstances of people elsewhere in the world and around our locality; to develop an awareness of our place in the world and recognise our interdependence with the environment and the peoples of the world.


We will help learners to gain an understanding of the eight points of ‘Learning in a Global Context’ from the strategy document, ‘Putting the World into World Class Education’.


We will aim to enable young people to become successful learners and confident individuals by offering real and relevant learning experiences. We will aim to inspire them to become responsible citizens who are prepared for life in a global society and work in a global economy.


We are also registered on the DCSF Global Gateway website and have partner schools in other countries and activities that encompass the global dimension.

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