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St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
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The exchange was set up in 2009 following a successful TIPD visit to South Africa by our Co-ordinator of PSHEE, Miss Rushton. October 2009 saw the first visit by our students to Pretoria during half term where they participated in numerous activities that incorporated every aspect of South African life.


Our exchange school is Cornwall Hill College, Pretoria, an independent school that encompasses the same ethos as St. Joseph’s.  Our partners visit the UK during April and spend several days visiting historic land marks, experiencing British school life and most importantly visiting the Trafford Centre!


The aims and objectives of the exchange are given below:

1. International Citizenship: Consider how democracy, justice, diversity, toleration, respect and freedom are valued by people with different beliefs, backgrounds and traditions.

2. Informed and responsible citizen: Reflect on the progress they have made, evaluating what they have learnt from the experience, and make recommendations to others for further action.

3. Enterprise Education: Students will expand and improve the skills needed to produce and perform fundraising activities.

4. Professional development: Staff will look at how educators are innovative and take risks in the classroom by considering gender groups, kinaesthetic learners and active learning.

5. School development: Share good practise of staff development with a focus on creating a teacher exchange.


African Exchange