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St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

A homework timetable will be printed and sent out to all parents during the Michaelmas (Autumn) term and displayed on our website.


Homework Policy 


Homework is an integral part of high school life and we would appreciate your support in monitoring it closely.


The students are supplied with a Homework Diary which is intended to last for the whole academic year. Please encourage them to use it properly and to show it to you every night. You are asked to sign the diary when you have seen that the work has been done. If a longer task is ‘under construction’ but incomplete then initials are sufficient to indicate that the work has been started.


Please feel free to contact the Manager of Learning if you feel that your child is burdened with too much work and we will address the problem.


Homework is set regularly in most subjects. It would be most unusual for your child to come home with nothing to do.  If a subject is time-tabled but the teacher has not set work, the pupils should indicate this in the diary.


It is essential that homework is attended to properly and brought back to school on time.


How can you help your child with Homework?

Type of Homework
Learner’s Task
Parent Support
Remember certain facts, details, words or rules
Finish work started in schoolCheck and comment on completed work. Ask about the exercise
Writing Up
Write up work covered in school or write a redraft of rough workTalk about the piece to help pupil remember the details of the work
Answering questions after a lesson
Check the answers
Finding Out
Gathering information on a given subject – may be library basedSuggest where they might find the information
Learning a section of work for a test or an examinationGet child to explain the work. Any questions
Reading Ahead
Reading text to prepare for next section of workBe aware of what they are doing in each subject
Other Preparation
Preparation for a lesson by putting ideas or information down in his/her jotterAsk child to read the work to you. Rules of spelling and punctuation apply in all the work.


Homework Timetables

Homework Timetable Year 7

Homework Timetable Year 8

Homework Timetable Year 9

Homework Timetable Year 10

Homework Timetable Year 11