St Joseph's R.C. High School
& Sports College

St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

We firmly believe that close relationships between parents and the school are in the best interest of our students. We operate an ‘open door’ policy at St. Joseph’s for parents to come into school to discuss any aspect of their child’s development.


We hold Parents’ Evenings for each year group annually, and provide written reports on our pupils progress at least twice a year.  The Student Diary is a vital channel of daily communication between home and school as well.


We have a very active Parent Staff Association at St. Joseph’s and all parents are (of right) members.  Half-termly business meetings are a useful sounding board for important issues affecting school life.


There is a half-termly newsletter through which we try to keep parents informed about all matters relating to the school.  We also have a school website which is updated constantly to keep parents and the community up to date with activities in school.  We release a magazine frequently throughout the academic year detailing the latest news in school.


We have introduced electronic mailing of newsletters, other letters and the magazine to parents and guardians, as well as text messaging to parents of important events, sudden closures and unauthorised absences.


The school is active and has many followers on a range of social networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.  Events in school, upcoming events and important information are released on the pages, on a regularly basis to keep our parents and school community up to date on what is happening in school.


This close liaison between home and school is one of the foundations upon which the success of St. Joseph’s rests.

Parent Partnership