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Uniform List 2023

St. Joseph’s students are frequently complimented on their standards of appearance, and parents are asked to co-operate in ensuring that these standards are maintained.  Uniform is compulsory at all times in school, to and from school, and on all trips, visits and sporting fixtures, unless authorised to the contrary.

Please note that to keep costs low students keep the same coloured tie throughout their time at St Josephs.  The Year 7 tie colour for 2023 will be blue with a blue stripe and white crest. Please find our full uniform list here: Uniform Policy 24

As last year, Governors have agreed that there may be an adaptation to the Policy for Year 11. In the past families were asked to buy Y11 jumpers and a leavers top.  In view of the current cost of living we are now not asking parents to purchase a Y11 jumper.  Part way through the year there will be an option to purchase a school Leaver’s top and worn instead of a blazer. They will still however be required to wear a shirt and tie if they wish to take their leavers top off. Further details regarding the leavers top will be provided next term. This means that in September Year 11 will return in the same uniform they finish school in July and there is no requirement to purchase any new items.

Need help with uniform costs?  We have teamed up with Community Locker to help make it easy for parents and carers to recycle and purchase as good as new items on a budget.  Nore information can be found at facebook@breightnmetcommunitygroup   Alternatively, just contact school or if you have old preloved uniform please let us know and we can make sure that those in school who need it most benefit.

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Non-Uniform Regulations

On non-uniform days, we ask that parents and carers ensure that young people dress with a sense of personal dignity.  There is no expectation that students should need any new clothes for such an event.