St Joseph's R.C. High School
& Sports College

St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

We expect the highest standards possible from students in the presentation of their work.


1) Students should have a pencil case with appropriate equipment (e.g. pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, compass, protractor, calculator) to cover all lessons;


2) All books must be backed with plain paper or clear film.  No magazine pictures, or other pictures will be allowed;


3) All books and all work must be “graffiti” and “doodle” free.  Any books that have been defaced in any way should be replaced at the student’s expense, and work copied up, when necessary;


4) All drawn pictures and diagrams must be done in pencil, using a ruler where appropriate;


5) All written work and diagrams should be clearly titled and titles underlined.  The date on the top right hand corner – again underlined.


6) All completed work should be ruled off;


7) Work should be well spaced out to facilitate easy reading and revision;


8) Written work should predominantly be done in blue/black ink or biro;


9) A mistake should only have a straight line through it.  Liquid paper should not be used and work should not be obliterated by scribbles.

Presentation of Work