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St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Welcome to the Student Zone of our website.  Here, you will find all the events that are happening for you, tips for revision, enrichment activities, your school library, careers information, as well as your pastoral teams and useful information, such as dealing with problems on social networking sites.


Here at St. Josephʼs we think that any kind of action or words which cause hurt or upset in others is serious and should not be allowed to carry on. It should not be considered to be a normal part of school life. Do not ignore it. Do not allow yourself – or others – to be forced to do anything with which you are not happy.
Everyone in our community has the right to enjoy life without being threatened or made to feel small. Everyone in our school family needs to feel cared for and protected. Anything that a person does on purpose because he or she knows it will upset another person is bullying. Seeing others treated in this way, and ignoring it, is rather selfish.
Talking is an effective way to stop it. Talk to a teacher and know that you will be taken seriously. Talk to a friend. Talk to an older pupil. Talk to a parent. Talk to another trusted adult. You do not need to deal with this by yourself.


Our School is special in many ways. The most important one of these is that we are a Catholic School. We are proud of our Catholic traditions.
We use Christ as our model for our personal behaviour and our treatment of others. We pray together every day. We gather as a community for full school assembly. We come together as Year Groups to share a weekly Year assembly. We celebrate mass together at important times in the year.  You will be expected to take an active part in all these features of religious life at St Josephʼs.


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