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St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

You will be surprised how quickly you get to know the layout of the buildings at St. Joseph’s!  Many subjects are taught in special areas of the school. You will be given your own personal copy of our site plan to keep in your blazer pocket, on your first day.


Pupil Entry/Exit from School Premises

Before School/Registrations

1)  Students who register in rooms 11, 12, D1, D2, S1, S2 and S6 should enter through the door at the bottom of the boys’ stairs.

2)  Students who register in any of the tower block rooms (1-10) should enter through the main entrance doors.

3)  Students who register in the Brain Brady Centre (23-28) should enter using the main door to the building.

4)  Students who register in S3, S4 and S5 should line up outside the respective rooms until told to enter.

5) Students who register in the Yates Building should enter as instructed by Form Tutors.


At Break Times/Change of Lessons

Students entering the main school building to go to rooms in the tower block should use the main entrance doors.  Students going to rooms 11, 12, 13, D1, D2, S1, S2 & S6 should enter at the bottom of the boys’ stairs.


All students should walk on the left hand side of the corridor/stairs.


End of School

Students should not leave the building at 3.30pm or any other time, except in an emergency by the fire doors nearer the water machine on the main corridor, nor by any other fire door.


Students must not enter or leave via the main drive because of the dangers presented by vehicles entering and leaving the service road in front of the school.  Those pupils who are not catching one of the buses on the school drive in an evening should leave via the Sefton Lane gate.  Under no circumstances should students go into Arrowsmith Court.


When students are walking up Sefton Lane towards Chorley New Road, they should exercise great care as they pass the point where the school drive exits on to Sefton Lane.  They should always give way to any vehicle leaving the school drive.


No one should ever get themselves into a position where they are caught between a vehicle and the wall or the fence.  They should wait, well out of the way, until the vehicle has gone.


Room Numbers & Locations

Please find below the room numbers and the normal subject taught there and whether the room is the base for a teacher, form, along with any offices in that area.


1st Floor Tower Block

Room 1 – Religious Studies – Miss Unsworth-Hughes (9U Form Base)

Room 2 – Modern Foreign Languages – Mr McGuire (10MC Form Base)

Room 3 – Modern Foreign Languages – Mrs Lysycia (7L Form Base)

Room 4 – Modern Foreign Languages – Mrs Yates (8Y Form Base)

Languages Office (Mrs Lysycia, Mr McGuire, Mrs Yates)


2nd Floor Tower Block

Room 5 – Religious Studies – Mr Singleton (11C Form Base)

Room 6 – Mrs Stevenson (7B Form Base)

St. Joseph’s Room – School Chapel

Pastoral Office (Miss McKeever, Mrs Abercrombie, Mrs L Anderton, Mrs Caldwell)

Religious Studies Office (Mrs Stevenson)

Year 11 Manager of Learning Office  (Mr M Singleton)


3rd Floor Tower Block

Room 7 – Mathematics – Mrs Hamer (7HA Form Base)

Room 8 – Mathematics – Miss Finch (9F Form Base)

Room 9 – Mathematics – Mrs Smith (11S Form Base)

Room 10 – Mathematics – Mrs Taylor & Mrs Waddingham (8SH Form Base)

Mathematics Office (Mrs Taylor)


Ground Floor of School Corridor & Quadrangle

Room S1 – Science – Mr Hunt

Room S2 – Science – Mrs Devlin (8D Form Base)

Room S3 – Science – Mrs Horridge (10B Form Base)

Room S4 – Science – Mr McVey (7MC Form Base)

Room S5 – Science – Mrs Kirkman (11K Form Base)

Room S6 – Science – Miss Rushton (10R Form Base)

Room Mu1 – MFL – Mrs Breheny (8B Form Base)

Room Mu2 – Music – Mr Glynn-Whitehead


Science Preparation Room

Head of Science Office (Mrs McLean)

Year 9 Manager of Learning Office (Mrs Horridge)


1st Floor of School Corridor

Room 11 – History – Mrs Banks & Mr Armstrong (8A Form Base)

Room 12 – History – Miss Sykes & Miss Dougan (7S Form Base)

Room 13 – Geography – Mr Tate (9T Form Base)

Room D1 – ICT – Miss Abbott (9A Form Base)

Room D2 – Food Technology – Mrs Mottram (11M Form Base)

Humanities Office


Ground Floor of Yates Building

Room 14 – Product Design – Mr Higham (11HI Form Base)

Room 15 – Resistant Materials Workshop

Room 16 – Electronic Products – Mr Davies (10D Form Base)

Design & Technology Office (Mr Higham)


First Floor of Yates Building

Room 17 – Classroom (10ST Form Base)

Room 18 – ICT Suite

Room 20 – Art – Miss Stockwell

Room 21 – Textiles/Product Design – Mrs Sweeney

Early Intervention and Connexions Office (Mrs Boyle & Mrs Willcock)


Ground Floor of Brady Building

Room 23 – Religious Studies – Ms Howard (10H Form Base)

Room 24 – English – Mrs Sharples (9HO Form Base)

Room 25 – English – Miss Whitelaw (7W Form Base)

Room 26 – English – Miss Daley & Mrs Brough (9D Form Base)

Room 27 – English – Miss Morris (8M Form Base)

Year 7 Manager of Learning Office (Mrs Weall/Mr Hunt)


First Floor of Brady Building

Room 28 – English – Mrs Hollins (11H Form Base)

Room LRC – School Library

Room ICT3 – Media Suite

Head of English Office (Mrs Sharples)

Website & Marketing Manager Office (Mr Stones)


T Buildings

Room T1 – Drama – Miss Breslin

Room T2 – Mathematics – Mrs Halliday & Mrs J Anderton (10HA Form Base)

Room T3 – Religious Studies – Miss Wilcock (11WD Form Base)

Year 8 Manager of Learning Office (Miss Walsh)


Sports Building

Boys’ Changing Rooms

Girls’ Changing Rooms

Sports Hall

PE Office (Mr Sharrock)

Moving Around School