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Year 11

Pathway Resources

PiXL Progression – Creative and Performing Arts (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression – English, Media and MFL (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression – IT, Computer Science and Business (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression – Science, Maths and Engineering (Year 11-12)

PiXL Progression – Social Sciences and hunities (Year 11-12)

PiX Progression – Sports (Year 11-12)

24 Apr 2020 – Progression Log

24 Apr 2020 – Project Futures introduction

24 Apr 2020 – Year 13 – Supporting Your Progression to University Booklet


Download Huddle-projectfuturesgrids

Download Sept 2019 Year 11 – We’re in it together.pdf

Careers / Higher Education

The ‘Year 11 Steps to Success’ Wigan & Leigh College

Our Year 11 Applicants website page will continue to be a vital means of communication to roll out our ‘Year 11 Steps to Success’ programme.

Click here for the Information pack for schools

Click here for the  Year 11 Virtual Runshaw College

Bury College Podcast – Information Pack for Schools

Supporting Your Child Through To Exams

Easter Revision Timetable 3.4.19


iMedia Revision Guide


Judaism Revision

Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy and Ethics Questions JU

Judaism Questions JU

Paper 1 Unit 1 – Beliefs and Teachings

Paper 1 Unit 2 – Practices

Paper 2 Jewish Sources of Wisdom & Authority

Paper 2 Judaism Beliefs and Teachings

Paper 2 Judaism Beliefs Revision notes

Paper 2 Judaism Practices

Paper 3 Philosophy & Ethics Soruces of Wisdom & Authority

Paper 3 Unit 1- P&E – Belief in God Paper 3 Unit 2 P&E

Relationships RE revision list January mock

Click below on the link for an online revision guide for Years 10 and 11.

Revision Guide

Year 11