St Joseph's R.C. High School
& Sports College

St Joseph's RC High School

St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people and, expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Autumn Term 


Inset Day for Staff – 4th September

Year 7 Base line /CAT Testing

2bYear 7 Base line / Cat Testing

EAL testing

Year 8&9 ‘It takes a village to raise a child evening’ – 12th Sept

Year 10&11 ‘It takes a village to raise a child evening’ – 13th Sept

RE Dept Trip ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ – 13th September

3aOpen evening – Tuesday – 19th Sept

Year 7 Base line

EAL Testing

Confirmation (provisional) – 20th September 6pm

Whysup Assembly ‘Vaping’ – 22nd September

4b26th Sept Dept Meeting

Year 8 Whysup Assembly ‘Social Media’ – 27th September

Careers Fair – 27th Sept

Art Trip 29th – Sept

5aTwilight 1 – 3rd October

Year 7 Welcome Mass – 6th October

Year 7 Retreats 5/6 October

6bYear 10 Whysup Assembly ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ – 13th October
7aExternal Behaviour Review – 18th October

London Enrichment Trip – 20th October

8bYear 10 Vaccinations – 23/24 October

Science Enterprise Fair – 23rd October

St Joseph’s 60th Celebrations – 26th October

Inset Day for Staff – 27th October

Half term 
9aYear 10 Vaccinations catch up – 23/24 November

Year 11 Reports Home

10bYear 11 Whysup ‘Gambling Awareness’ – Assembly 13th November

Year 7 Whysup Assembly ‘Who do you want to be?’ – 16th November

Year 7 Reports Home

11aPresentation Evening – 23rd November 6pm

Year 9 Whysup Assembly ‘Body Image’ – 24th November (provisional)

Year 10 Reports Home

Year 11 MFL Speaking Tests

12 bYear 8 reports Home

BOSCEP Advent Retreat – 28th November

13aYear 11 PPE Exams

Vaccinations catch up – 6th December

Year 10 Progress Evening -6th December

Inset Day for Staff – 8th December

14bYear 11 PPE Exams

King is Born Event – 14th December  6pm

15aYear 9 Reports Home
Spring  Term 
17aYear 8 Whysup Assembly ‘Personal Well-Being’ – 18th January
18bYear 8 Progress Evening – 25th January

Year 9 Whysup Assembly ’Gaming’ – 26th January

Year 11 Reports Home

19aYear 10 Reports Home
20bYear 11 Progress Evening – 8Th February

Year 10 Whysup Assembly ‘Addiction’ – 9th February

21a60th Anniversary Event at Rivington Barn – 16th February
Half term 
22bYear 8 Exams

Year 11 ‘An Inspector calls’ – 27th February

23aYear 11 Whysup Assembly ‘Being Healthy/Managing Stress – 4th March

Year 7 Whysup Assembly ‘ Looking out for Each Other’ – 7th March

Year 9 Progress Evening -7th March

World Book Day – 7th March

Year 8 Exams

Year 7 Reports Home

24bYear 7 Progress Evening – 14th March

Year 9 Reports Home

Spanish Exchange

25aYear 6 Parents/Carer Welcome meeting  – 19th March 6pm

Passion Play 21st March 6pm

26bYear 8 Vaccinations 25/26 March

Year 11 Reports Home

Summer Term 
27aYear 7 Exams
28bYear 7 Exams

Year 8 Vaccinations catch up – 22nd April

29aYear 10 Reports Home
30bYear 11 Speaking Exams
31aYear 9 Exams

Year 10 Exams

Year 11 Final Exam Period

Year 11 Speaking Exams

32bYear 9 Exams

Year 10 Exams

Year 10 PTT Follow up

Year 11 Final Exam Period

Spanish Exchange

Half term 
33aYear 10 Exams

Year 11 Final Exam Period

34bYear 10 Exams

Year 11 Final Exam Period

Year 10 MFL Speaking Exams

35aYear 7 Reports Home

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 11 Final Exam Period

36aYear 10 English Speaking Exams

Year 11 Final Exam Period

37aYear 8 Reports Home

Year 6 Parent/Carer Welcome meeting -2nd July

Year 6 Transition Visits 3/4th July

Year 11 Prom – Rivington Barn 4th July

38bYear 10 Exam Results Home

Rewards Day (provisional) – 12th July

Sports Day 9th July

39aYear 9 Reports Home

Sports Day 15th July (provisional)



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