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St Joseph's RC High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
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All of the letters and newsletters sent home to parents and guardians will be published onto this page for you to view at your own convenience. If you would like the text of any of the letters enlarging or translating please contact the school office.


Spring Term 2024

Year 8 Pathways process PowerPoint 18th January 2024 Pathways Presentation 2024

Autumn Term 2023

Parent Governor Election

Letter To Parent Carer

Parent Governor Elections Eligibility.docx

Nomination Form

Welcome back – important information about starting back in September:


Please note:  The letters below apply to whole year groups.(Most recent at the top.)  Please see Epraise ‘Documents’ for specific information/instruction where only part of a year group is affected. Thankyou.

Summer Term 2023

Exciting New Pastoral changes for Sept 23

Catholic Schools Inspection Report.

Industrial action April and May

Spring Term 2023

Easter Newsletter 2023

Working together on vapes 2

Working Together Letter 1

Industrial action Letter 3

Bill RIP Letter

Industrial action Letter 2

Industrial action Letter

Autumn Term 2022

In it together Y8&9 Evening Slides

In it together Y10&11 Evening Slides

Open Eve Helpers permission Letter

Open Evening Welcome

Welcome Back Letter August 2022

Summer Term 2022

Summer Newsletter – Important information about uniform/return to school in September and where to find help over summer

Schoolgateway Letter 09.06.22

Internet safety Mr Singleton 06.05.2022

New Guidance on Covid Testing 1st April 2022

Spring Term 2022

Easter News Letter 2022

Uniform, equipment and ‘living with COVID’ measures 25.2.22

Whole school – arriving on time 11.2.22

Year 11 Examination information 2022

Year 11 Parents’ Evening 2022

Bolton Public Health Advice to continue to wear face coverings until Feb half term 

Y8 Pathways Booklet 2021.22

Changes to Isolation periods and info from the DfE about Vaccination roll out. 

Uniform and Phones

Welcome Back letter with details of new COVID measures including masks in classrooms.

Updated Risk assessment for January 2022 opening under ‘Plan B’ Guidance.

Autumn Term 2021

Covid support over Christmas and contingency plans

Christmas Newsletter including information about end of term activities and January testing prior to starting.

Further opportunity for vaccines and stepping up of COVID measures. 15th October 21

Increased COVID cases in school – face covering letter

Year 9 ‘We are in it together’ Evening slide show

Year 7&8 ‘We are in it together’ Evening slide show

Year 10 We are ‘In it together’ Evening slide show

Year 11 We are ‘In it together’ Evening slide show

Welcome to Open Evening letter.  An appendix to the COVID safe RA for Open Evening can be found here.

LINK to School cloud for booking appointments:

Welcome Back to School – September 2021 Information letter (1st Sept 2021)

SJ School Opening RA August 2021 Please note that this Risk Assessment contains measures that were in place previously and have been phased out in light grey.  School is ready to reimplement any further protective measures needed if the local infection rate or government guidance changes.  This RA is based on Schools COVID-19 operational guidance – GOV.UK (


Summer Term 2021

Press Release 2021

GCSE Letter for 2021

Summer Newsletter 2021

Track and trace after 19th July

Y10 Summer School

Leavers Celebration Update


Full Opening Friday 21st May

Phased opening Wed 19th May

School Closure 17th May 2021

Face mask letter

Head of Y7 Letter

Year 11 time coming to a close letter

Safeguarding Information April 21- Parents

Uniform 2021 – 15th June 2021

Spring Term 2021

Easter Newsletter 2021

Year 11 Leavers’ Celebration 2021 – 26th March 2021

Year 11 hoodies 2020-2021 – 24th March 2021

Home testing letter 17th March 2021

Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing – YouTube

Headteacher update after successful school reopening 12th March 2021

Update Letter about testing CAGs and safe opening 5th March 2021

Risk Assessment for opening after Lockdown 2 March 2021.  Please note that this document is under continual review and may be updated regularly.

Year 7, 8, 9 Lifelong Learning Day 3.3.21

Instructions for testing and re-entry to school from 8th March

Data protection Covid testing FAQs for parents


School Opening Information and HT update 22.2.21

HT Update for parent carers 12th Feb

Year 8 Pathways 22.2.21

Curriculum Enrichment Day 1.2.21

Updated RA for partial opening 1.2.21

Headteacher update – school opening and response to feedback. 29th January 2021

Year 8 Pathways 28.1.21

Update for Parent/carers 22nd January 2021 including Mental Health Support links

Step by step guide to Lateral Flow tests

Data protection – Lateral Flow tests

How to give Consent for Lateral Flow tests

Information about Lateral Flow testing at St Joseph’s

LFD testing Risk Assessment

Message to Y11 on GCSE consultation 18.1.21

Lockdown letter Spring term week one 08.01.2021

Remote Learning for January Lockdown

Risk Assessment for Partial opening during lockdown 3 (Jan -March 21)

Autumn Term 2020

Christmas Video Message

Christmas Newsletter

Letter Regarding dangers of e-cigarettes

Instruction for Y10 to isolate for Wed 2nd December 2020 in the first instance 1.2.20

PSA Community Newsletter Dec 2020

Update and request for help from Parents and Carers regarding COVID and isolation 25.11.20

Internet Safety Letter Nov 20

9.11.20 Instruction for all Y11 to isolate until Friday 20th November and information about PPEs and exams

8.11.20 Instruction for all Y11 to isolate for one day in the first instance – Monday 9th November

8.11.20 Instruction for all Year 8 to isolate for one day in the first instance – Monday 9th November

6.11.20 Instruction for Y9 to isolate until end of Tuesday 17th November

5.11.20 Current COVID isolation update: Info for all parent/carers.

Instruction to Y8 to isolate for Thursday 5th Nov in the first instance while we track and trace.

Instruction to Y10 to isolate following 2nd positive case in Y10

Letter confirming positive student case and outlining implications of 2nd Lockdown 2.11.20

Letter outlining Y10 isolation for one day as we track and trace precise contacts 2.11.20

Letter outlining how we can support positive wellbeing through lockdown 2

Letter outlining support from local foodbanks

Encompass Final Letter Signed

What to do if…COVID infographic. 

Letter to Parents of Y8-11 about a confirmed case 10.10.20

Letter about isolation from Bolton LA

Letter to Parents and Carers of Y7 about the need to isolate following a confirmed case 10.10.20.

Year 11 Rewards Prom letter

Year 7-10 Rewards letter

Reassurance following our confirmed case 30th September

Confirmation of a confirmed COVID19case 29th September

When to book a test letter from NHS 25.9.20

Bogus Social Media Post Email sent t Parents/Carers 15.9.20

Updated Dynamic SJ School Opening RA September 2020 14.9.20

Email regarding positive cases in Bolton/Parking and what to do if your child tests positive out of hours

Covid 19 Scenarios: What to do if… Infographic 1 Infographic 2

Letter of thanks to Parents and Carers 9th September 2020

Letter from Bernie Brown Director of People on Covid 19 new restrictions

Letter regarding new restrictions in Bolton and School opening 9th September

Suicide video circulating on TikTok and Instagram

Updated Dynamic Risk Assessment for safe school opening 3rd September 2020

The DfE have updated their guidance for parents and carers on what they need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  You can find the guidance here

Please note that our video stated that the isolation period is 7 days, but this was updated in the latest guidance to be 10 days. Please see our action card as a quick point of reference so that parents and carers know what to do if a member of their household shows Covid 19 symptoms.

Welcome Back Safety Announcements Detail from video in pdf form (Please note that the isolation period has been updated to 10 days not 7.)

Please see the link for transport information and bus timetables. (Please note new times and pick up locations for Wigan buses) We will update with any further announcements from the local authority/ Transport for Greater Manchester as we receive them.

Updated Dynamic Risk Assessment SJ School Opening RA September 2020 1.9.20

Video information for students safe return:

Letter regarding use of face masks from Mrs Yorke-Robinson

Welcome Back letter September 2020 from Mr McCabe


Summer Term Letters Home

Whole School Letters

Updated Draft Risk assessment for September Opening SJ School Opening RA September 2020 16.7.20

End of Summer Term Letter to Parents and Carers

Urban Outreach Lunches July 2020

School Opening Plans for September (As of 10th July)  These plans will be confirmed in September and be accompanied by a ‘students friendly’ video. September Opening Plans as of July 2020

Government information about school Opening for Parents and Carers

Draft Risk Assessment for September Opening SJ School Opening RA September 2020 for website (Please note that this will be followed with a guide for parents/carers outlining key elements of new procedures.)

Visioning for September Opening and Virtual Learning 2nd July 2020 September Opening Possibilities and Ongoing Learning Plan.

Learning for all Years 2020

Headteacher Update May 2020

Covid 19 research 2020

Uniform-2020-onwards 2020

Live lessons – Acceptable Use Agreement – Students

School Opening Plans for Y7-10

22nd June 2020 Letter  from Mr McCabe regarding School Opening Plans for Y7-10  email addresses and what September might look like.

Bereavement Support April 2020

5 May 2020 – Alexa letter

1 May 2020 – Letter from Mr McCabe

1 May 2020 – Letter to students and parents

April 2020 Update Mr McCabe

Year 7 Letters

Updated Risk Assessment for Y7 Visits to school

Year 8 Letters

Updated Risk Assessment for Y8 Visits to school

Year 9 Letters

Updated Risk Assessment for Y9 Visits to school

Year 10 Letters

Opening instructions for Y10 June 15th 2020

Q&A about Opening for Y10

Opening instructions for Y10 June 15th 2020.  Please read this alongside the risk assessment below.

3 June Risk Assessment for Opening to Y10 SJ School Opening RA June 2020  (Please note that this is a working document and will be updated)

Year 11 Letters

Year 11 Resources April 2020

Results day letter to parents July 2020 Final

Spring Term Letters Home

Whole School Letters

Internet Safety April 2020

23 Mar 2020 Letter to students and parents

Year 7 Letters

Pastoral letter April 2020

28 Apr 2020 – Book Buzz letter

Year 8 Letters

Pastoral letter April 2020

Year 9 Letters

Pastoral letter April 2020

Year 10 Letters

Work Experience Year 10 April 2020

Pastoral letter April 2020

Year 11 Letters

Year 11 letter from Miss Dougan March 2020

Pastoral letter April 2020

GDSE update Year 11 April 2020

Autumn Term Letters Home

Whole School Letters

18 Sept 2019 – Parent Governor Elections Eligibility

Parent Governor Elections Eligibility

Parent Governor Nomination form 2019

CCTV letter to parents (5)

Letter To Parents 19 – SC-TMC – 13 Sept 19

Letter – 23 August 2019

Year 7 Letters

Year 8 Letters

12 September 2019 – Spanish Trip letter 2020

Year 9 Letters

Year 10 Letters

Year 11 Letters

24 Jan 2020 – Year 11 Letter Parents Evening



Summer Term Letter Home

12 June 2019 Uniform 2019 onwards

10 June 2019 Biometric Letter

10 June 2019 CRB Cunninghams Biometrics Opt-In

10 June 2019 – Sexual Harassment Online

9 May 2019 Student Leader Assembly

Spring Term Letters Home

4 April 2019 – Year 11 Leavers’ Dinner

3 April 2019 – Easter Newsletter 2019

18 March 2019 – Year 11 GCSE Examinations 

11 March 2019 – Letter from the Headteacher

11 March 2019 – Year 7 Parents Evening

5 March 2019 – Year 11 Leavers Hoodie

4 March 2019 – Year 8 Parents Evening

26 February 2019 – Year 9 Parents Evening

14 February 2019 –  Year 11 Half Term Revision Timetable

11 February 2019 – World Book Day

8 February 2019 – Enrichment Day   |  Timetables for Enrichment Day

1 February 2019 – Internet Safety

24 January 2019 – Behaviour and Uniform 

21 January 2019 – Bus Letter

8 January 2019 – Attendance Letter

Autumn Term Letters Home

21 December 2018 – Year 10 Parents – Miss Dougan

21 December 2018 – Year 11 Parents – Contingency Day

13 December 2018 – Year 11 Pre-Public Exams

12 December 2018 – Stronger Together December

7 December 2018 – Curriculum Enrichment Day Timetable

7 December 2018 – Curriculum Enrichment Day

28 November 2018 –  Year 8 Assessment Letter

28 November 2018 – Year 7 Assessment Letter

28 November 2018 – Years 7 8 – Christmas Party Letter

26 November 2018 – Mock Spanish Oral Exam

26 November 2018 – Mock French Oral Exam

23 November 2018 –  Homework Timetable Letter

Homework Timetable Yesar 8

Homework Timetable Year 9

 Homework Timetable Year 10

Homework Timetable Year 11

20 November 2018 – Mobile Phone Letter

16 November 2018 – Yr 10 Parents’ Evening

12 November 2018 –  Bucket List

2 Nov 2018 Peace Lounge letter

31 October 2018 – School Buses

10 Oct 2018 – Parents Evening

5 October 2018 –  Year 11 Parents’ Evening Oct 18

28 September 2018 – Year 7 & 8 – Permission Letter – BAE Systems Education Programme Roadshow Presentation

27 September 2018 – Year 7 We’re in it Together

27 September 2018 – Year 8 We’re in it Together 

26 September 2018 –  Year 7 Mass of Welcome 

19 September 2018 – We’re in it together evening Year 10 2018 

7 September 2018 – ‘Bucket List’ activities Sept 2018 half term

7th September 2018 – Bucket List Activities

7th September 2018 – Stronger Together September

23rd August 2018 – Looking forward to welcome you back